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This page is dedicated to all our fans and friends that take the time to e-mail us with comments and/or suggestions.  We always enjoy hearing what people are saying about us (Good or Bad) or suggestions you might have.   As long as there is no profanity your comments and/or suggestions will be posted "as is".

Thanks for the support  ~ Coupe DeVille  "The Cadillac of Rock & Roll"

Jim,  Thanks to all of you for being a part of  the Camanche School District's 50-year celebration.  Several people made
it a point to come up to me during the event to let me know how much they were enjoying Coupe DeVille's music and show.
I have always enjoyed watching and listening to Coupe DeVille perform and I knew that having you play at the
50-Year Gala would be a perfect fit.   Thanks again for your part in helping to make this event a great success.  - Tom

You guys were fantastic the other night....Wow!  Thank you.  I wish we could of stayed to hear the rest.  Lightening chickens!  When I shut my eyes and listened, felt like the actual singers!  You know what I mean.  Several others were scared off by the heat and weather but next time there will be a big group of 69ers. Coupe DeVille Rocks! Congratulations.  Best Wishes...........  Rhonda

Great program in Dubuque on Sat. July 31st.  Absolutely wonderful.  Also went to the Arboretum for your show two weeks ago.  You really bring back the memories.  THANK YOU..........Darlene

Love your music!  If you ever get on Facebook, add me as a friend: Nancy

I just wanted to take a minute to write to you and the band and say thank you so much for giving us some Grade A entertainment for our wedding reception. Everyone had a great time, whether they were just listening to the band or joining us out on the dance floor. Coupe DeVille truly entertains everyone, from the grandparents to the little ones.
Jacob and I had the best time, dancing and listening to the tunes. We really appreciate that you dug out "Save the Last Dance" for us, that's true service! I have had at least 5 inquiries about people thinking about hiring you and have directed them to your website. Everyone is still raving about our reception, and we just can't thank you enough.
Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!.............Kristin & Jacob

Great show. We saw you at the Isle of Capri on Sunday, which was my first time. We look forward to seeing you the next time that you are at the Col. Thank You.....Mike

We were at Lincoln Park in rock island last night and it was totally awesome you guys are just great!!!!..............Joyce

We were at Lincoln park 7/15/09 for the outside consert, You guys are the greatest band , We really enjoyed the night. "GREAT MUSIC"........... BOB & DIAN

We were at the Col last night and had a ball.  I wanted to dance to every song!  You guys are great!..............Margo

Was at your outdoor event at Indian Trails in Colona, Ilinois. Was invited by Jake, and we really Loved It will see many more of your concerts and will spread the word. You all kid around and have a lot of fun, you also involve the crowd and let it be known that you know they are there.  Outstanding as far as we are concerned....Joyce

Just watched you @ Fun City in Burlington and was able to sit front and center so I got to see all your great talent and I only wish we'd had a dance floor, but...got your schedule so I live in Colona/Cleveland and will be bringing a group to the COL and then Colona  and on and on.  I've been going to Clear Lake since 1982 and have seen tons of bands and The White Sidewalls was my favorite band but you guys rock and I'm now a dye hard fan.  You guys know what we like and you look like you're having fun doing it.  Keep on rockin'...nancy

THANK YOU for the great music at this years West Point, Iowa Corn Fest. Looking forward to seeing you in Burlington, IA. this Sept. 2008. Would your key board player play the following; Green Onions & Time is Tight orig. by Booker T and the MG's. Rinky Dink orig. by Dave Cortez and your lead guitar, Sleep Walk orig. Santo and Johnny.  Thanks again for a great night.  CU in Burlington ..............Bill

First time this SR. CITIZEN has ever heard you play and sing.  I couldn't have been more HAPPY with all of it.  IT WAS JUST WONDERFUL.  want to hear you all again.......Anonymous

Thoroughly enjoyed your concert last night (7/15/08)at Rock Island's Lincoln Park.........Vicki

Enjoyed your show last Saturday night at the Col.  This is the 3rd time I've seen you play and hope to see many more appearances.  I will definitely be at the Vietnam Veteran's show next November at the Col..........Rick

Just got out of the Oelwein concert it was very good hope to see you again.............Steve M.

Just got home from your Oelwein Concert.  Outstanding!
I told Jon after the performance I thought he sounded like Tommy Sands.  He said he never heard of him.  Maybe pimping me, I don't know.  Should have him do a Tommy Sands song.  "Hep di doddy"  "Teenage Crush"
Should have pictures with bio's on web site.
Great show thank you............Jake

It was nice to see my registration acknowledged in the current newsletter.  Thanks for the e-mail.  I was interested to read that Sandy might be making a solo CD.  If she does, please reserve a copy for me.  I hope to hear the whole group live one day.  Best Wishes........CC

Just wanted to say how much i enjoyed your music last night. I've heard you guys 3 times in the last 2 months. My lady friend had never heard you play before, and she really liked your music also, which i told her she would. Thanks again    Jerry

I need to pass along my congratulations on your performance at the Veteran's benefit dance last Saturday. I believe it was the best I've had the pleasure of attending. Based on the attendance, and level of fun the people were having, you should be proud of the evening. I know you helped raise quite a bit of much needed money for the Vets. It's nice that you are so talented and bring such happiness to everyone who attends your dances. I had a great time even though I didn't get to go out and dance during the night. Watching you perform and seeing everyone is enjoyment enough for me. I hope the video captures the evening's event as I saw it.....great!! Again, congrat's to all of you. A wonderful night of music......Lee 

Thanks for putting on a great show at the Welcome Home Veterans Dance.  I can't remember if I had heard you before but I certainly will again.  Will be signing up for your newsletter so I will know where you are going to be....John

Just wanted to let you know we had a great time seeing you at the Moose... Mike always has liked to come see you... hope to see all of you again soon... Mike & Carol

Hi Jim & CDV,           Just a quick note to let you guys (and girl) know what a GREAT time we had with you last night !!!  Well worth the drive, even after a long day/week ! Wonderful take me back music and good friends to share it with, makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for sharing your time machine with us, fun to be teenagers again ! See ya next Sat !           M&C

Dear Coupe, last week we went to Galena, IL. for a craft show .THEY HAD 4 OR 5 DIFFERENT BANDS PLAY THROUGH-OUT THE DAY. THEY PLAYED A lot of the same songs you do but were not good as you guys are. They couldn't hold a candle to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys {Sandy too} bring me back a lot of years and bring much joy to my life!!!!! Thank you and God Bless........... Joyce

I was in the audience during your performance at Dubuque Riverfest---LOVED your energy, music/song selections, just the entire performance!  Wonderful, wonderful!! Would love to enjoy your band again in the future.  KUDOS to y'all!!  -unknown-

I was at the Amphitheater on Saturday night in Dubuque, Iowa, to see the Brews Brothers. I'd never heard your band before and you really "WOWed the crowd." You now have a lifelong fan! What a show! Awesome! Please return to Dubuque ASAP.        -Vicki

Your show in Dubuque was awesome!  Hope you will come back. I would suggest you set up a tent or booth for selling your cd's. ( for all the people that came a little late).  We heard lots of people walking around asking where to buy one....Mary

Another great night of music and dancing at the Starlight on the 21st!  Love your vocals and choice of music, but needed a couple more slow tunes so we could rest!  Look forward to seeing you again soon!   Kathy

Coupe de Ville and Starlight's on a Saturday nite! A hard to beat combination! Great music and a really nice place! Thanks for the FUN times! Already looking forward to September 8th!      Mike & Connie


The music was terrific and I enjoyed myself. It looks like a lot of fun, but I'm sure it's also a lot of work for you and the other members of the band to keep things running at peak performance. The crowd had many nice things to say about you and the band. Keep up the great work....Jack


I saw and heard you for the first time at the Ponderosa Ballroom in Walford, Iowa. The 3 hour drive in the rain from ****, Iowa was well worth the trip. What a great evening. I have seen the Good Times Oldies here in central Iowa but you are better with better music selection. It looks like most of your dance dates are in eastern Iowa which is hard for me to get to sometimes. Sure would be good if you could get to the Lake Robbins Ballroom near Woodward, Iowa some week end. It's a really good dance floor. A lot of groups play at Prairie Meadows on the week end but they do not have the best dance floor facilities. Guess I will have to be content with getting some of your CDs but I sure like your live performance. A person cannot sit and just listen, a person has got to get out and dance to your music. Keep it up, I hope to somehow see more of you....Dennis


Was at the Ponderosa Friday night and hope you come there more often.  We really like you music.  Really like the song "Great balls of fire".....Cheryl


We were there Saturday night and had a wonderful time--Coupe DeVille truly rocks!   Love the slow tunes too! ....Kathy


My wife and I truly enjoyed the band's performances at the Isle of Capri this past weekend. Listening to the band in concert in a smaller room just reinforced to us how great a sound the band produces. The vocals and instrumentation were superb. It was a show as good as any we've seen or heard at the Isle of Capri, and we've seen Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits and Rob Grill of The Grass Roots perform there. We hope the band will continue to perform and bring the great musical enjoyment it does for many more years to come. We have sent emails to the Col Ballroom and the Isle of Capri to let them know how much we enjoyed Coupe De Ville's performances there and to express our sincere hope that the band will have many more opportunities to appear at their venues in the future. If there is anything else we can do to help promote the band, please let us know. We love to dance and listen to the type of music the band plays. We would love to have this opportunity every weekend. Thanks. Ron & Linda


Hello All ~ Just wanted to say "Thanks Again" for helping to make our girl's get-away weekend at Treasure Island one to remember.  None of us won lots of money at the casino, but we feel richer for having met and shared time with all of you.  We sure enjoyed your music, the songs and your entertaining style.  Thanks for the laughs and the fun!  Keep us posted if you are ever back in the area again ~ or if you ever start playing Northern Wisconsin.  It was wonderful meeting all of you ~ Take Care!  Lori




We were in Okoboji Saturday night and lsitened to your concert - we really enjoyed it!! .....Cathy